101.你输了! You lost!
102.吵死了! So noisy!
103.不见得。 Not necessarily. E.g. A: Everyone is gonna hate me.
B: Not necessarily. (意味“情况可能正好相反”)
104.兜风去。 Let’s go out for a drive.
E.g. A: I feel so trapped in here. Let’s go out for a drive!
Let’s go out for some air!
E.g. A: We’ve been studying all day. Let’s go out for some air!
注:going out for a drive 是开车或骑车出去。 going out for some air 除了开车或骑车,也可表示用走来散心。
105.怕了吧? Now you are scared, aren’t you?
e.g. A: Now you are scared, aren’t you?
B: Get that gun away from me!
106. 真低级! How low-class! E.g. A: What do you think about Mary’s new skirt?
B: How low-class! (通常不当别人面讲这句话)
107.就这样。 The way it is。 E.g. A: You can’t change anything. That’s the way it is.
Let it be. E.g. A: I know it’s hard to accept. Let it be.
注:let it be通常语气和缓,以安慰别人或使人平静。
108.放弃吧! Give up!
109.太神了! Cool!
110. 解脱了! Free at last! E.g. A: Thank god I graduated and I’m done with school forever. Free at last.
111. 要你管! Not your business. /None of your business./ It’s none of your business.
112. 好恶心! Sick! E.g. A: Have you seen that movie “Friday the 13th”? It’s so sick.
113. 小气鬼! Stingy bastard! E.g. A: He didn’t even pay for my dinner! What a stingy bastard.
What a miser! E.g. A: He’s been wearing the same clothes since high school. What a miser! Can’t he buy new clothes?
注:stingy bastard语气很刻薄,因为“bastard”已经近乎粗话了。Stingy
114. 我招了! I admit… E.g. A: Yeah, you’re right. OK, I admit it!
115. 别惹我! Don’t bother me. E.g. A: Ok, I’ll do whatever you want.
But just don’t bother me anymore.
Stop picking on me. E.g. A: Can you stop picking on me? 你能不能别再惹我?
注:Bother 意思是阻挠,困扰,或对某人唠叨。To pick on someone是指作弄人,找人麻烦。
116. 没什么。 Not much… E.g. A: Hey! What’s up!
B: Not much…
117. 答对了。 Bingo! / You are right!
118. 改天吧! Another time… E.g. A: Let’s go out again tomorrow night.
B: Maybe another time…
I’ll take a rain check. E.g. A: I’ll take you out to dinner.
B: I can’t tonight, but I’ll take a rain check.
注:rain check本意来自比赛因下雨而取消,所发给观众下次入场得延期证明;或是商店再减价时段特价品卖完时,发给客人在有货时可以相同优惠购买该商品得证明。
119. 我不管! I don’t care! E.g. A: But your rival has everyone’s favor… B: I don’t care! I’m going to beat him. Just watch.
注:I don’t give a damn! =I don’t care. 但是更粗俗一些。
120. 别多嘴。 Enough! Shut up!
121. 耍大牌。 Poser! E.g. A: Who does she think she is? A movie star? What a poser!
122. 何必呢? What for? E.g. A: I want to go back to school.
B: What for? You already have a Ph D!
Why are you doing that? E.g. A: You have all the toys you need. Why are you buying more? Why are you doing that?
123. 书呆子。 Nerd. E.g. A: All he does is study. He never goes out. What a nerd!
124. 不错吧? Look, not bad, huh?
E.g. A: I’ve organized all this information for the presentation. Look, not bad, huh?
125. 真可怕! That’s terrible!
126. 别妄想! You’re dreaming! / In your dreams.
127. 你真行! You’re so great! / You ‘da bomb! / You are the bomb.
128. 不难吃。 Tastes good.
129. 真体贴! So affectionate! E.g. A: Did you see the way she touches him? So affectionate!
130. 得了吧! Come on!
131. 末班车。 Just made it. E.g. A: I was the 150th prize-winner! Just made it for the championship!
注:本句得相反词就是名落孙山, “just missed it”。
132. 猜猜看! Guess!
133. 这简单! It’s easy for me!
4 字篇
134.不用担心! Don’t be afraid. / Don’t worry.
135.长话短说! Make a long story short!
136. 少说废话! Cut the crap! / Bullshit(粗俗些)
137.你懂什么? What do you know? / you don’t know the half of it!
138.我尽力了! I did the best I could.
139. 你疯了吗? Are you crazy? / Are you out of your mind?
140. 半斤八两。 Same difference!
141. 这就怪啦! It doesn’t add up! / It doesn’t make any sense.
E.g. A: I just bought milk yesterday… But we’re out of it today.
It doesn’t add up!
142. 知足常乐。 Easy to please.
注:相反的就是“hard to please”(很难伺候)
143. 教坏小孩。 Bad influence (on the kids).
e.g. A: I don’t want you to hang out with him anymore. He’s such a bad influence on the children.
144. 小气巴拉。 Scrooge!
E.g. A: What a scrooge! He didn’t even buy presents for them on Christmas!
145. 不识抬举。 You just don’t appreciate it.
E.g. A: You don’t know when a good thing’s right in front of you. You just don’t appreciate it.
注:appreciate (欣赏), 相反词是“scorn(藐视)”,“disparage(贬抑)”
146. 在说一次! Say again?
注:say again是口头上,私下聊天时的用法。正式一点的像是“Pardon me?” “Excuse me?”, 或是 “Could you repeat that please?”, 会比较有礼貌。
147. 你觉得呢? What do you think? / What’s your opinion?(更正式些)
148. 岂有此理! How did it come to this?
149. 脸皮真厚! What nerve!
E.g. A: How dare you talk back to your mother! What nerve!
150. 你急什么? What’s the rush?
151. 没完没了。 Will it never end?
Doesn’t he know when to stop?
注:will it never end? 就文法上应该是:Will it ever end? 这里用Never,是在强调语气懂得无奈。 Someone doesn’t know when to stop 意思是“有人就是不知道适可而止。”
152. 太过分了! That’s too much!
153. 太夸张了! That’s an exaggeration!
154. 死都不要(干)! Over my dead body!
155. 真没想到。 I had no idea.
156. 我的妈呀! Oh my god!
157. 赶时间吗? Are you in a hurry?
注:in a hurry亦可用rushed for time 或 pressed for time代替。
158. 常有的事。 Happens all the time.
159. 你真没用! You are useless!
160. 真没水准! No class!
161. 不一定啦! Not necessarily. (反义:definitely)
162. 别想骗我! Don’t try to pull one over me!
注:Over me是over my eyes, 意思是“蒙骗”。
163. 想得没喔! In your dreams! (是指某事极不可能发生)
164. 想都别想! Don’t even think about it!
165. 怎么搞的? What’s eating you? 形容对方看起来疲惫、沮丧、生气、不快乐等。
What happened? 一般人常用的句子。
166. 这也难怪! No wonder!
167. 你很烦耶! You’re getting on my nerves! / You’re really annoying!
168. 原来如此。 So that’s how it is!
169. 没日没夜。 Day and night。
170. 一视同仁。 Friend or foe…
E.g. A: Whether you’re a friend or foe, I won’t treat you any different.
注:foe的意思是敌人, 同“enemy”,虽然enemy较常见,但这里是要强调两个字一样都是f开头,所以用Foe。
171. 表里不一。 Thinks one way, but acts another.
E.g. A: She’s so hypocritical. She thinks one way but acts another.
172. 正是时候。 It’s about time!
173. 真是经典! It’s a classic!
174. 多此一举! There’s no need! (最常用同义词:Don’t worry about it.)
175. 真是够了! That’s enough! (说enough时加重语气,显露不耐烦的意思)
176. 骗你的啦! I’m joking. / I’m kidding. / I’m (just) pulling your chain.
177. 你有病啊?! You’re sick!
178. 别害羞嘛! Don’t be shy!
179. 勿失良机。 Don’t pass up a golden opportunity.
注:简短一点可以说:“Don’t pass it up!” 或 “Don’t pass this up!”.
180. 两全其美。 Everyone wins. / Good for both sides.
注:这两句情况有些不同,“everyone wins”愿意是“每个人都赢。”因此,所指的对象可以不只是两个而已;“Good for both sides。”就特别针对只有两个对象的情况。
181. 一举两得。 Shooting two birds with one stone. / Get two birds with one stone.
182. 心照不宣。 Mutual understanding.
注:本句与“tacit agreement”(默契)意思一样。
183. 自相残杀。 At each other’s throats. / Killing each other.
184. 好事成双。 Good things come in pairs.
185. 别惹麻烦! Don’t make trouble. / Stay out of trouble!
186. 搬弄是非! What a gossip!
187. 算你厉害。 You win.(通常带有认输的语气)
188. 不见不散。 I’m not leaving until I see you. / Be there be square.
189. 行行好嘛! Have a heart!
190. 没这回事! No such thing.
191. 安静一点! Be quiet.
192. 那又怎样? So what? (本句通常带有挑衅的语气)
193. 有话快说。 If you have something to say…say it!
194. 拐弯抹角。 Beat about the bush.
195. 慢吞吞的! Slow as molasses.
196. 很好玩的。 Super fun。
197. 祝你好运! Good luck!
198. 口是心非。 You say it, but you don’t mean it. (可以只说: You don’t mean it.)
199. 乱七八糟。 What a mess!
200. 替天行道。 Carry out God’s will.上贴: 广田雅美 发布日期: 2006-8-27201. 下次再聊。 Talk about it next time.
202. 我好[怕喔! I’m so scared!
203. 别搞砸了! Don’t blow it.
204. 好久不见。 Long time no see!
205. 这样也好。 I guess so.
206. 自找麻烦。 Looking for trouble.
207. 自讨苦吃。 You’re asking for it. / Asking for it。
208. 不够看啦! 一般般啦! So-so.
209. 别来无恙? How’ve you been?
210. 有什么好? What’s good about it?
注:句中的good改为so good,意思就变成了“一点都不好”。
211. 社会败类。 Scum of society. (表示很强烈的谴责,通常指无赖、罪犯及下流人物)
212. 我在忙啦! I’m busy! (依讲话的口气,话中有不耐烦或忽视对方的意味)
213. 放你一马。 Off the hook. / Lucky this time. / Saved by the bell.
E.g. 1) A: You are so lucky the teacher let you off the hook this time.
2) A: You’re lucky this time. Next time it won’t be easy.
3) A: Why haven’t you finished your work?
B: Well, I’ve been working on…(Bell rings)
A: Saved by the bell.
注:off the hook 本意是鱼脱钩,引申为逃过一劫。Saved by the bell常见于学生因下课铃声及时响起,而逃过答不出问题的窘境,或在拳击比赛中,被打得快输了,但因中场铃声及时响起而得以撑到下一场。
214. 歪打正着。 Hit the jackpot. (俚语,表示非常幸运或成功)
215. 别搞错了. Don’t take it the wrong way. (本意是“不要错估形势”或不要因误会我说的的话而生气”。)
216. 别管闲事! Stop bossing me around!
注:它的形容词bossy。在不需要帮忙时,硬要帮忙出点子、下命令,就会被说是“You are so bossy”。
217. 求之不得。 Want it badly.
I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
注:前者是指想要某物而不惜任何代价,前后句接得通常是I would give anything, my arms, my legs…”等。 而I wouldn’t miss it for the world是指“
218. 想开点吧! Take it easy. / Don’t take it so hard.
注:Don’t take it so hard 是安慰别人的话,要人家“不要把事情想得那样糟”,或者是“不要让它困扰你。”
219. 不如这样…… What about…
220. 有口难言。 I can’t say… (指是知道答案,但为了某种原因而不能讲出来。)
221. 你还顶嘴! Talk back. (指回答的态度或方式很不礼貌)
222. 我不行了。 I’m done.
注:在以下几种情况可以用I’m done来表达: ①感到太累,不耐烦而不想做某事。② 吃太饱而不想再吃。 ③ 完成某件工作。另外,也可以用“I’m finished.”来代替,意思一样。
223. 我就知道! I knew it! (表示事情打一开始我就知道是怎么会事了)
224. 看得出来。 You can tell.
E.g. A: You gained weight, didn’t you? You can tell.
225. 来得及吗? Is it too late? (指是否还有足够得时间)
Can we make it? (指我们可否及时完成或我们可否及时赶到)
226.不买可惜。 Hard to pass up.
E.g. A: Clothes on sale are hard to pass up.
注:Pass up放弃、拒绝,也就是 turn down的意思。
227.快去快回! Hurry back!
228.你说了算。 Up to you.
You’re the Boss. Anything you say.
229.放松一下! Relax!
230.习惯就好! It’s fine once you get used to it. / You’ll be fine.
231. 自作自受! Serves you right! / You get what you deserve.
232. 我急着要。 I need it badly.
233. 说话算话! You can’t take it back!
234. 笨蛋一个! Idiot!
235. 真没礼貌! How rude!
236. 你还嘴硬! Don’t be so stubborn!
e.g. A: I can do it! Let me try again!
B: You’re injured! Don’t be so stubborn.
237. 借看一下。 Let me take a look-see. (俚语用法)
Give me a look. (比较正式一点)
238. 可想而知。 Goes without saying.
239. 气死我了! Makes me so mad!
Piss me off! (比较粗俗)
240. 说来听听。 Let’s hear it.
241. 天要亡我! I’ve got no place to go.
I’ve come to a dead end.
注:以上两句都隐含绝望的语气,其中“no place to go”还带有请求别人帮忙的意思,而“I’ve come to a dead end.”则特别用来形容经过一番努力却仍然失败的情形。
242.顺其自然。 Go with the flow.
242. 经济实惠。 Get your money’s worth.
243. 说来话长。 It’s a long story. (意味着情况过于复杂,难以细说分明)
244. 无怨无悔。 ( I have ) No regrets.
245. 买一送一。 Buy one get one free.
246. 打个折吧! Give me a discount! (Can I get a discount?)
247. 血债血还。 An eye for an eye. (语出圣经,原话是:An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
248. 不知羞耻! Shame on you!
249. 你省省吧! Save it!
250. 看缘分吧! Leave it up to fate(destiny).
251. 我支持你! I’ll back you up.
252. 马马虎虎。 So-so.
253. 真是有缘。 It’s destiny (fate).
254. 再接再历。 Work harder.
255. 白忙一场。 In vain.
e.g. I did it all in vain. 指事情结果令人大失所望,语气多是难过,失望或生气的。
256. 出师不利。 Get off on the wrong foot.
注:本句表示一开始就遇到了麻烦,走错方向或做出错误的决定,与“get up on the wrong side of the bed.” 意思不同,后者是“心情不好、烦躁”的意思。
257. 你出卖我! You betrayed me!
注:这是对人的严重指责,一般在日常生活中较少有这句话的情形出现。另外,“You traitor!”(你这叛徒),意思与本句相同。
258. 一言为定! It’s a deal!
注:这句话很常见,只要是达成协议或共识,不管是商业上成交了某种交易,或是和朋友讲定了某件事情,都可用“It’s a deal!”表示
259. 快一点啦! Hurry up!
260. 我不在乎! I don’t care.
261. 真是遗憾。 What a shame (pity)! Or That’s too bad.
5 字篇
262. 我怎么知道? How would I know?
263. 不关我的事。 None of my business.
264. 我是清白的。 I’m innocent.
注:innocent本身有两种意思:①无罪的、清白的 ② 不成熟的、无知的。这儿的例句意味着“我和这事无关,不是我做的。”
265. 面对现实吧! Wake up and smell the coffee!
Face reality! (较正式)
266. 笔记借我抄。 Lend me your notes.
267. 这不是重点。 That’s not the point. (可在that,not或point上加强语气。)
268. 包在我身上。 You can count on me.
269. 有钱好办事。 Money makes the world go round.
270. 别那么夸张。 You’re overdoing it. (中国人常用此句,而美国人很少用)
271. 不可以偏食。 Can’t be picky (about food).
注:本句可用choosy来代替picky,意思相同。另外,有一句常用的谚语“Beggars can’t be choosers.”与这句话意思接近,是说人不可以对免费的事物太过要求,也就是“不要得了便宜还卖乖”的意思。
272. 行不通的啦! It’s not gonna work.
273. 你这张快嘴! You and your big mouth!
274. 我快饿扁了。 I’m starving to death. / I’m so hurry that I could eat a horse.
275. 我快撑死了! I’m stuffed.
276. 你喜欢就好! As long as you like it. (表示“只要你喜欢,一切都没问题。”的意思)
277. 怎么会这样? How did this happen? (指你不希望发生的事竟然发生了)
278. 你在烦什么? What’s bugging you? (如用bothering代替bugging会显得更正式些)
279. 有什么关系? What does it matter?
注:本句与以下句子意思相同:①What’s the matter? ② What’s the problem? ③ Does it make a difference?
280. 一切听你的。 You are the boss. (现在俚语中年轻人也用You’re the man, 意思一样)
281. 你方便就好。 Whatever’s convenient for you.
282. 我们扯平了。 We are even. (一般用法则是互不亏欠的意思,比赛中用来形容比分相同)
283. 这才像话嘛! That’s more like it!
284. 跌个狗吃屎! Take a bad spill!
注:这是俚语,正式用法:falling down in a bad way.
285. 说点别的吧! Change the subject.
286. 听天由命把! Let it be! / Leave it be. (指要对方不要担心,顺其自然的意思)
287. 三思而后行。 Look before you leap. (Think before you speak)
288. 你很迟钝呐! You’re so retarded!
注:retarded这个字对人很不礼貌,有轻视别人的意思,现在多用“mentally challenged”来代替“retarded”。
289. 你懂不懂啊? Don’t you get it? (本句带有不耐烦或轻视的语气)
290. 别放在心上。 Never mind.
291. 我无能为力。 Out of my control. (control 可用hands代替,意思一样)
292. 明天在说吧! Talk about it tomorrow.
293. 我走不动了。 I can’t move.
294. 你认错人了。 You got the wrong person. (person可用man或guy代替)
295. 真是受不了。 I can’t take it (anymore) .
296. 你会后悔的。 You’ll be sorry. / You’ll regret it.
297. 吓我一大跳! You scared me!
298. 你想太多了。 You think too much.
299. 说了也没用。 Doesn’t matter what you say.
300. 太夸张了吧! That’s an exaggeration!
Go overboard!
注:to go overboard字面意思是超过了船边而掉出去。用来指情况超过了一般范围,太夸张、太离谱了。上贴: 广田雅美 发布日期: 2006-8-27301. 可以走了吗? Can I go now?
302. 真拿你没辙! You’re hopeless!
303. 下次好运吧! Better luck next time.
304. 我才不信咧! Yeah right. / I don’t believe it.
305. 门儿都没有! Not a chance! (本句句尾加上“in hell”就成了俚语用法)
306. 太离谱了吧! Off base!
E.g. A: I predict that we’ll finish this project in 2 days.
B: You’re way off base! That’s impossible!
307. 让我死了吧! Just shoot me!
308. 我也这么想。 I agree. / I think so too. / I concur.
309. 别被他唬了。 Don’t let him fool you.
310. 实际一点吧! Be practical!
注:本句与to be sensible(理智点)一样,但前者有责备对方的意思在。
311. 你来评评理。 You be the judge. (本句常常是律师对陪审团说的话)
312. 你现在才来! Took you long enough!
313. 一共多少钱? How much is it all together?
314. 还差得远呢! Far from it!
315. 你搞砸了啦! You messed up!
316. 不用麻烦了。 Don’t bother.
317. 要不要来赌? Wanna bet?
318. 信不信由你。 Believe it or not!
319. 我听到了啦。 I heard you. (如在句尾加上(the first time以加强语气,通常表示不耐烦)
320. 你说的容易。 That’s easy for you to say. (本句口气表示出不认同对方的说法)
321. 不用你插嘴! You don’t need to interrupt!
注:说这句话的语气通常是不耐烦的;比较客气的说法是:“Excuse me”or “please”。
322. 你算哪根葱? Who do you think you are?(带有责难对方的语气,所以是不怎么客气的一句话。)
323. 别有样学样。 Don’t be a copycat! (小孩子之间常常用这句话。)
324. 坐过去一点! Move over!
325. 眼睛睁得大点! Open your eyes!
注:叫人眼睛睁大点就是要对方再看清楚点得意思。类似得句子有open one’s heart(宽厚一点),open one’s mouth(尽量说出来)。
326. 真是太惨了! That’s terrible! / That’s horrible! (带有震惊、不敢置信得口气)
327. 我快崩溃了。 I’m going out of my mind!
注:这里的意思是“疯掉了”,但如果说“You’re going out of your mind!”,就是指对方笨透了或疯掉了的意思。
328. 你不想活了? You wanna die? (形容别人所做的事很冒险)
329. 我吓得腿软。 Shake like jelly.
Like jelly. (jelly 也可用jello代替,表示两腿没力或在颤抖。)
330. 我情不自禁。 I can’t help myself. / I can’t control myself.
331. 我别无选择。 I have no choice.
332. 眼不见为净。 Ignorance is bliss. (谚语,意即“不知道真相有时反而比较好”。)
333. 我豁出去了! I’ve got nothing to lose.
E.g. A: This is very dangerous, you know.
B: But I’ve got nothing to lose.
334. 我跟他不熟。 I don’t know him well.
注:相反的说法“I know him very well.”,年轻人说这句话时,有时暗示彼此已经有性关系了,当然还得看当时得情况及说法的口气而定。
335. 到时候见啦! See you later!
336. 这里给你坐。 Take a seat.
337. 谁会这么蠢? Who would be so dumb?
注:如果当别人的面说他so dumb,那是非常不友善、轻视的说法。
338. 你有意见吗? Do you have an opinion?
339. 你还不够格。 You don’t have the right.
E.g. A: Who do you think you are? You don’t have the right to say those things.
注:right “权利”,是名词,这句话较不客气,带有批评的语气。
You are not qualified.
E.g. A: Can I talk to the manager about my ideas for this project?
B: You are not qualified!
注:这个回答比前面的“You don’t have the right.”更礼貌、婉转。
340. 谁管那么多? Who cares?
注:也就是说没什么人会关心这事。而有些情况下的意思是“It doesn’t matter!”比如说你的朋友很容易杞人忧天,你会说“who cares?”来安抚对方说事情
341. 我才不信邪。 I don’t buy it. (是I don’t believe it.的俚语,表示不相信对方的说法)
342. 你行不行啊? Can you do it?
343. 便宜没好货。 You get what you pay for.
E.g. A: This watch broke already… I just bought it last month.
B: You get what you pay for.
344. 完美主义者。 Perfectionist.
345. 天不从人愿。 You can’t always get what you want.
346. 我跟你拼了! Bring it on!
347. 听你在放屁! That’s bullshit! (本句属粗话,表示非常地不屑。)
348. 现在要怎样? What now?
349. 都是你害的! It’s all your fault! (常见于小孩子之间吵架时的气话。)
6 字篇
350.我有什么好处? What’s in it for me?
351.你一点都没变! You haven’t changed a bit!
352.我改变主意了。 I changed my mind.
352. 还是有希望的。 There’s still hope.
E.g. A: Don’t worry. There’s still hope for you.
353. 他的话不可信。 Don’t believe a word he says.
354.你在哪里买的? Where’d you get it?
355.真是失望透顶。 What a disappointment.
注:根据语气和场合的不同,这句话可以是严肃的,表示真的感到失望;但也有幸灾乐祸的情况,表示对听者的失误暗自窃喜。另外,也可用“What a bummer!”来表达失望,但这句话就没有幸灾乐祸的味道了。
356.这下你可糟了! You really did it this time!
357.我看他不顺眼。 He rubs me the wrong way.
358.我会找你算帐! You’ll pay for this.
359. 简直无法相信! I can’t believe it! (若在前加上“Oh,my God.”,语气会加重)
360.眼睛放亮一点! Open your eyes!
E.g. A: Open your eyes! Can’t you see that he’s cheating on you?
注:“cheat on someone”在美国特别指瞒着配偶、情人,在外拈花惹草、红杏出墙。
361.我懂你的意思。 I know what you mean.
362.只好等着看喽! Just wait and see.
Let’s play it by ear.
363.真的还假的啊? Is that for real? / Really?
364.照着做就对了。 Just do what it says.
365.请你放尊重点! Treat it with respect.
Have respect for someone.
366.我们来表决吧! Let’s take a vote.
Let’s put to the vote.
367.这下没指望了! It’s hopeless!
368.我们刚才说到哪? Where were we?
369.我已经麻木了。 I’m numb.
注:numb,本意指身体的某部分变得僵硬、麻木,如“The icy wind made my fingers numb.”(冷风冻僵了我的手指头),此处指的是心理上的麻木没感觉。
370.不要以大欺小! Pick on someone your own size!
371.这该怎么说呢? How should I say this?
372.别小题大做了。 Don’t blow it out of proportion.
373.那要看情形了。 That depends.
374.我就跟你说吧! See? I told you!
E.g. A: It’s cold outside. I should have worn my jacket.
B: See? I told you. It’s a cold day.
注:这句可以只讲“I told you so.”或“I told you that…”。这句话小孩子很常讲,并且是用得意洋洋的语气来说的。
375.别这么见外嘛! Don’t be a stranger!
376.井水不犯河水。 You mind your business, and I’ll mind mine.
376.不去你会后悔。 You’ll regret it if you don’t go.
377.你好大的胆子。 You’ve got some nerve!
378.这没有什么啦。 There’s nothing to it.
379.有什么了不起? Big deal!
380.动一下脑筋吧! Use your head!
381. 别说是我做的。 Don’t tell anyone that I did it.
注:小孩子常把这句话说成“Don’t tell on me!”或”Don’t rat on me!”,意思一样,只是后者比较俚俗一点。
382.没必要对你说。 No need to tell you. / Why tell you?
383. 不要学我说话! Don’t repeat everything I say!
384. 你真是没救了! You’re hopeless!
You’re a failure!
You’re pathetic!
You’re incompetent!
385.你那时什么脸? What kind of look is that?
e.g. A: What kind of look is that? Have some respect!
386.不高兴就说啊! If you’re not happy, say it!
387. 你算什么东西? Who do you think you are?
388.问你也是白问。 No use asking you.
注:本句也常说成:“What’s the point in asking you… you’re an idiot.”通常只出现在很熟的朋友之间,若跟不熟的人讲,几乎就是在侮辱对方了。
389.你别笑死人了! Don’t make me laugh!
390.是这样子的吗? Is that so?
391.你到底想怎样? What do you want?
392.我才懒得理你。 You’re not worth my time. (这是非常鄙视人得说法)
393.为什么不早说? Why didn’t you say so?
394.事情就是这样。 That’s the way it is.
395. 别瞧不起人了。 Don’t look down on others!
396. 我不是故意的。 I didn’t do it on purpose.
397. 那我就放心了。 That eases my mind.
398. 你就放心好了。 You can ease up.
399. 这就是我要的。 That’s just what I’m looking for.
400. 有总比没有好。 Better than nothing.上贴: 广田雅美 发布日期: 2006-8-27401. 你等着看好了。 Just wait and see.
402. 要是我就不会。 I wouldn’t, if I were you.
403. 你说这什么话? What kind of talk is that? (表示对方讲了一些泄气、刻薄或令人生气的话。
404. 别唠唠叨叨了! Stop blabbering!
405. 我可不这么想。 I don’t think so.
406. 话别说得太满。 Don’t be so sure. (意思是说事情往往不会完全照所想像得那样进行。)
407. 这没什么稀奇。 It’s nothing special.
408. 这个字怎么念? How do you pronounce it?
How do you say this?
409. 我的心在滴血。 My heart hurts. (用来形容内心非常难过)
410. 话别说得太早。 Don’t jinx it.
注:jinx 可译为乌鸦嘴、触霉头,就如闽南语“破格”的意思。当某人在说一则即将发生的好消息,旁人惟恐因为消息公布得太早,事情反倒不按预期发生时,可说这句话。
411. 我不是本地人。 I’m not from around here.
注:这是很常用的一句话,遇到一个看起来显然不是本地的人,可以问他“You’re not from around here, aren’t you?”(你不是本地人吧?)
412. 请问您还用吗? Are you finished?
Are you done with that?
413. 没什么好谢的。 No problem.
注:当别人向自己道谢时,常用这句话表示“不客气“的意思。或是当别人向你请求帮助说,回答no problem就表示答应对方。
414. 我看没这必要。 There’s no need. / There’s no necessary.
415. 这是你说的喔! You said it. I didn’t. (本句表示说话人在撇清责任,不愿因说出实情而惹上麻烦。
416. 我只有一双手。 I can’t do two things at the same time.
417. 怎么不说话了? Cat got your tongue? (本句形容因害羞或紧张而说不出话来。
418. 你有完没完啊? Are you through? (表示对方感到不耐烦)
419. 听起来很麻烦。 Sounds like a pain in the ass.
注:本句用到ass这个字,属于在私底下的说法。一般较正式的用法会那butt取代ass,或是说Sounds like a lot of trouble 或 Sounds troublesome.
420. 我不会怪你的。 I won’t blame you. (表示说者对所谈之事真的不在意。)
421. 怎么可以这样? How could you do this?
422. 我手机没电了。 My cell phone’s out of batteries.
My cell phone ran out of batteries.
423. 他还是老样子。 He’s the same as always. (如要强调面貌、外表还是一样,可以说“He looks the same as always.”)
424. 现在又怎么了。 What’s wrong now? (表示说话人已经不耐烦了;在一般口语上,也可说“What now?”。
425. 就差那么一点。 I was this close!
426. 我还不是很饿。 I’m not that hungry.
427. 怎么还不下课? When’s class gonna end?
428. 饶了我吧!拜托! Give me a chance, please!
429. 你打算怎么办? What are you gonna do?
430. 这次不算!重来! This time didn’t count. Do it over!
It didn’t count this time, do it over again.
431. 你不会后悔的。 You won’t regret it.
432. 你不是很好吗? Isn’t that great?
433. 我招谁惹谁啦? Who did I piss off? (一般常用俚语,用字较为粗俗,故多出现在和熟人谈话之间。)
434. 听我的准没错。 Just listen to me, and you’ll be fine.
435. 先帮我垫一下(钱)! Can you spot me?
436. 英雄所见略同。 Great minds think alike.
437. 你这是何苦呢? Why torture yourself?
438. 真是个好主意! Good idea!
439. 这样不太好吧! That’s not a good idea!
440. 人生只有一次。 You only live once. (本句常是要说服人家把握机会)
441. 你这哪算什么? That’s nothing.
442. (最近)有什么好事吗? What’s up? / What’s new?
443. 给我逮到了吧! I got you! / I caught you!
444. 真拿你没办法。 I don’t know what to do with you.
445. 不然你想怎样? Well, what do you want?
446. 又不是我的错! It’s not my fault!
7 子篇
447.什么事那么好笑? What’s so funny?
448.不要告诉别人喔! Don’t tell anyone!
449.你凭什么指使我? What right do you have to tell me what to do?
450.不要再找借口了! Stop looking for excuses.
451.果然不出我所料。 Just what I thought.
452.够了,不要再说了! Enough! I don’t want to hear it!
453.怎么不说你自己? Look who’s talking!
454.我还会不知道吗? Wouldn’t I know?
455.现实总是残酷的。 The truth hurts.
456.嘴巴放干净一点! Wash your mouth out with soap!
457.没有其他可能了。 There’s no other way.
458. 不然这样好不好? How about this instead?
459. 不要紧,没什么事。 Don’t worry! It’s nothing.
460. 怎样? 我没说错吧! What? I’m right, aren’t I?
461. 我指使闹着玩的。 I’m just kidding.
462. 这是命运的安排。 This is destiny.
463. 一个巴掌拍不响。 It takes two to tango.
464. 你竟敢放我鸽子! How dare you stand me up!
465. 你以为现在几点? What time do you think it is?
466. 怎么那么死脑筋? How can you be so stubborn?
467. 你会死得很难看。 You’ll die a horrible death.
468. 这事就交给我吧。 Leave it up to me!
469. 好好考虑一下吧! Think it over!
470. 别管我!不要理我! Leave me alone!
471. 你死了这条心吧! Give it up.
472. 你在玩什么把戏? What are you trying to pull?
473. 你在开我玩笑吧? You’re kidding, right?
474. 至少大家都没事。 At least everyone’s all right.
475. 你有没有良心啊? Don’t you have a heart?
476. 自己去就好了嘛。 Just go by yourself!
477. 给我滚! 闪一边去! Get out of here! Out of my way!
478. 抱歉让你久等了。 Sorry to keep you waiting.
479. 别误会我的意思。 Don’t take it the wrong way.
Don’t get me wrong.
480. 你今天不太对劲。 You’re not yourself today.
481. 跟你有什么关系? What’s it to you?
482. 你再说,我打你喔! Say it again, and I’ll give you a beating!
483.你们长得好像喔。 You look alike!
484.走,我请你喝一杯! Let’s go. I’ll buy you a drink.
485.哟!看看是谁来啦? Oh! Look who’s coming?
486.我说真的,不骗你。 I’m telling the truth. I’m not lying.
487.你就直话直说吧! Just tell it like it is.
488.问一下又不会死。 You won’t die for asking.
489.我想请你帮个忙。 Could you do me a favor?
490.你有没有在听啊? Have you been listening?
491.也可以这么说啦! You could say that too.
492.到时候就知道了。 I’ll know when the time comes.
493. 好戏还在后头呢! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
494. 忘恩负义的家伙! Ingrate!
495.你太得寸进尺了。 I give you an inch, and you take a yard.
注:表示不知分寸,爱占便宜。也可说:“I gave him an inch, and he wanted to take a mile.”
496.好戏就要开锣喽。 Good things have just begun!
497.我也无话可说了。 I’m speechless.
498. 这真是人间美味。 This food is out of this world.
注:这句话不只形容食物好吃,也可形容人或东西好的不得了。例如: “ The car is out of this world.” (这车实在是炫毙了)
499.干嘛神秘兮兮的? Why so mysterious?
500.别再婆婆妈妈了! Stop being so indecisive!上贴: 广田雅美 发布日期: 2006-8-27501.身在福中不知福。 Take it for granted.
E.g. A: You should appreciate the fact that you have parents who love you. Don’t take it for granted.
502. 嗨! 我们又见面了。 Hey, we meet again!
8 字篇
503.有本事你做给我看! Let’s see you do it!
504.你没别的事好做吗? Don’t you have anything better to do?(本句有要对方离自己远一点的意思)
505.你先走,我随后就到。 You go first. I’ll catch up later.
506.你想到哪里去了啊? What are you thinking?
507.我的意思不是那样! That’s not what I’m saying!
注:这句话也可说成“That’s not what I mean.”
508.你这话是什么意思? What do you mean by that?
509.这种事谁也说不准。 You can never tell about this sort of thing.
510. 让我一个人静一静。 Leave me be.
注:本句跟“Leave me alone.”“I want to be alone.”意思一样。而看到这种情形,通常会问“Wanna talk?”,就是“Do you want to talk?”的口语用法。
511.睁一只眼,闭一只眼。 I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.
512.放一百二十个心吧。 Relax. You can count on me.
513.区区小事,何足挂齿。 It’s nothing. Don’t mention it.
注:本句另一个说法是“You’re welcome.
514.你出这什么馊主意! That’s a bad idea if I’ve ever heard one!
515.你给我看清楚一点! Take a closer look!
516.我不是告诉过你吗? Didn’t I tell you before? (before加重语气,表示不耐烦)
517.我什么时候说过了? When did I say that?(表示说者在为自己辩解,否认有这回事)
518.干嘛发火,谁惹你啦? Why so pissed off? Someone got in your way?
注:piss本意是小便,语气较粗鲁,所以多在私底下使用。“piss someone off”是叫某人滚开;“something piss me off”,是某事令自己愤怒或厌烦。
519.你从哪冒出来的啊? Where’d you come from?
520. 家家有本难念的经。 Every family has problems.
521. 天下无不散的筵席。 All things must come to an end.
522.我会自己想办法的。 I can handle it myself. (也可用I can take care of it myself.)
523.不用你说我也知道。 That goes without saying.
524.你穿这样不够保暖。 You’re not wearing enough. It’s cold out there.
注:也可以说“Put on some more clothes. It’s freezing outside.
525.此一时也,彼一时也。 Times have changed.
注:这是很常用的句子,也可说“Times are changing.”
526.只准早到,不许迟到。 You have to be on time. Don’t be late.
527.那有什么好奇怪的? What’s so weird about that?
528.我可不是说着玩的。 I’m not joking.
529.有种你给我试试看。 I dare you to try.
530.这有什么大不了的? What’s the big deal?
531.怎么可能有这种事? How could that be?
532.什么风把你吹来啦? What brings you here?
533.你认为这个很有趣? You think this is funny?
534.一手交钱,一手交货。 You give me the money. I’ll get you the goods.
535.如果我没搞错的话…… If I’m not mistaken…
536.有些人就是学不乖。 Some people never learn.
537. 谁说让你做主了啊? Who put you in charge?
538.朋友是做什么用的? What are friends for?
539.谢谢你临时来帮忙。 Thanks for coming to help on such a short notice.
540.这主意不是我出的! It’s not my idea!
541.我忘了要说什么了。 I forgot what I was gonna say.
542. 最糟的还不只这样。 The worst is yet to come.
543.坐而言,不如起而行。 Actions speak louder than words.
544. 看什么看? 没看过啊! What are you looking at? Never seen this before.
545.我不晓得在哪儿见过他。 I don’t know where I’ve seen him before.
546.我根本不是他的对手。 I’m no match for him.
547.你一定可以撑下去的。 You can do it.
548.我一个人哪做得完啊! I can’t do it by myself.
549.我这样还不是为你好! I’m doing it for you!
550.天底下哪有这种好事。 That’s too good to be true.
551. 这样算什么英雄好汉? What kind of hero is that?
注:常用于私底下对他人得批评。更挖苦的说法则是“Some hero, huh?”,表示非常的不以为然。
552.你以为我喜欢这样啊? You think I like it like this?
553. 这可不是天天都有的。 It doesn’t happen every day.
554.除了吃,你还会做什么? What do you do besides eating?
555.大家都好了,就等你啦! Everyone’s ready and waiting for you.
556.我不想给人家添麻烦。 I don’t want to cause any trouble.
557.天下没有白吃的午餐。 There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
558.这个我恐怕帮不上忙。 I probably can’t help you with this.
559.早就知道了,还用你说! I know. Save your breath!
560.没想到会在这碰上你。 I didn’t think I’d see you here.
561.把那句话给我收回去! Take it back!
562.我等你等得不耐烦了! I couldn’t wait any longer for you!
563.就当我什么也没说过。 Just pretend I didn’t say anything.
564.你也未免想太多了吧! You’re thinking too much.
565.你干嘛老是找我麻烦? Why do you always bother me?
Why are you always on my back?
566.你鬼叫个什么劲儿啊! Why are you yelling?
567.他有什么地方比我好? What does he have that I don’t?
568.你就这么爱耍我是吗? You like to play with me, don’t you?
10 字篇
569.这些东西怎么会在这里? What are these things doing here?
570.他根本不把我放在眼里。 He looks down on me.
He doesn’t take me seriously.
571. 这种事是不能开玩笑的! This isn’t a laughing matter.
572. 不值得为这点小事生气。 Don’t get mad. It’s not worth it.
573. 这再便宜你就买不到了。 You can’t get it any cheaper than this.
574. 我们才刚好聊到你而已。 Speak of the devil.
575. 真不知道你是怎么想的! I don’t know what you’re thinking!
576. 你自己也没好到哪里去。 You’re not so great yourself.
577. 凶什么凶? 我又没得罪你。 Why are you so mean? I’ve never done anything to you.
11 字篇
578. 只要你说得出来,他们都有。 You name it. They’ve got it.
579. 我又不咬人,干嘛那么怕我? Why are you so scared? I don’t bite.
12 字篇
580. 我五分钟内就可以准备好了。 I’ll be ready within five minutes.
581. 跟我猜的一样。(跟我想的一样。) That’s what I guessed. (That’s what
I thought.)
582. 你硬是要这么做,我也没办法。 If you insist.
583. 我没那么笨!又不是三岁小孩。 You think I was born yesterday!

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2 字篇
1. 活该! serves you(him,her) right! = you deserve (he/she deserves it.)
e.g you failed the test? serves you right for not studying!
2. 活该! you had it coming!
e.g. a: i gained weight!
b: well, you had it coming, because you've been eating so much without exercising.
3. 胡闹 that’s monkey business!
e.g. a: stop fooling around! that’s monkey business! 别再混日子了!你根本在胡闹嘛!
注:本句也可把monkey当成动词说成“stop monkeying around!”
3.请便! help yourself.
do as you please. (表示不需准许而可取东西,就是请客人自在点,不必太拘束。)
4.哪有? what do you mean? not at all!
注:如果只说“what do you mean?”那是不带任何用意的问句,只是想问清楚对方的意思;但是它也可用于挑衅及威胁,代表不满对方表达的意见。若加上“not at
5.才怪! yeah,right!
as if!
e.g. a: today’s test was very easy.
b: yeah, right!
a:he thinks he can socialize with us! as if! 他自认可以跟我们交往! 才怪!
注:“yeah,right”常用于讽刺性的回答。“as if”大多是10到17岁女孩的用语。
6.加油! go for it!
e.g. a: go for it! you can do it!
注:这是鼓励他人的话,也就是“give it a good try.”“try your best.”。
7.够了! enough!
stop it!
注:也可以加强语气说“enough is enough!”。要是对方正在fooling around(无所事事),你会骂他“enough of this foolishness!”(混够了吧!)
8.放心! i got your back.
e.g. a: don’t worry, man. i got your back.
注:这句原本来自“i’m covering you from behind”(我在后面掩护你),是打仗时军人常说的一句话。但在现代的意思是我会照料一切,要对方不必担心,所以这句男
9.爱现! showoff!
e.g. a: he’s been doing that all day. what a showoff!
注:showoff是名词,也可作动词,如:she likes to show off her toys. 或he is always showing off his strength.
10.讨厌! so annoying!
e.g. a: stop that! you are so annoying! 够了!你真讨厌!
11.免谈! no need to discuss!(no need for discussion.)
e.g. a: it’s all settled. there’s no need to discuss it anymore. 全都确定了。所以就免谈了!
12.真棒! that’s great!
13.好险! that was close!
e.g. a: i’m so glad you made it. that was close!
注:这里的close是很接近、幸好的意思,和开门关门(open and close)的close不同。
14.闭嘴! shut up!
15.好烂! it sucks!
e.g. a: that sucks. don’t buy it.
16.真巧! what a coincidence!
17.幼稚! immature!
e.g. a: she’s still sleeping with her favorite stuffed animal. she’s so immature.
what a baby!
e.g. a: look at her, still buying “hello kitty” stuff at age 30. what a baby!
18.花痴! flirt!
e.g. a: you are such a flirt! stop kissing up to him! he doesn’t like you at all. 你是花痴喔?别再讨好他了。他根本不喜欢你。
19.痞子! riff raff!
e.g. a: these people give me the creeps. riff raff! 这些人使我起鸡皮疙瘩。
注:在美国riff raff特别指人肮脏、下流。
20.找死! playing with fire!
e.g. a: are you crazy? you’re playing with fire!
21.色狼! Pervert!
e.g. A: He is such a pervert! I saw him looking at me in the toilet!
“You are rally perverted.” 。
22.精彩! Super!
e.g. A: Good job. That’s super!
23.算了! Forget it!
24.糟了! Shit!/ Fuck!/ Damn!
e.g. A: Shit! This stinks! 糟了!这好臭!
注: 这些都是低俗的用语,如同“***”等等咒骂的字,Damn是其中最温和的一个。
25.废话! Bullshit!
e.g. A: I don’t believe it. That’s bullshit!
26.变态! Pervert!
e.g. A: Let’s get out of here. There are so many perverts here.
27.吹牛! Brag.
e.g. A: He’s bragging. There’s no way he could do that!
28.装傻! Play dumb.
e.g. A: Don’t play dumb. You know about that.
29.偏心。 Biased (prejudiced)。
e.g. A: Stop saying those things about it. You’re just biased. 不要再这样说它了,你就是偏心。
A:He’s so prejudiced. He helps her just because he likes her.
注:prejudice本意就是负面的,常用来职责对方不公正, bias则是中性字,如“The author has a bias for apple pie”(这个作家对苹果派有所偏好)。
30.无耻! Shameless!
e.g. A: How could you do such a thing! You’re shameless! 这种事你也做得出来!你无耻!
注: Shameless 和 no shame不同,no shame是not scared of being shameful,不怕丢脸的意思。
31.你敢? You dare?
e.g. A: I want to challenge you!
B: You dare?
32.赞成! I approve. / That’s a good idea.
e.g. A: Let’s go for a walk.
B: Sure. I approve.
33.好饱! I’m stuffed.
34. 休想! Over my dead body!/ No way!
e.g. A: You want to marry that guy? Over my dead body!
35.成交! It’s a deal!
36. 干嘛? What?/ What do you want?/ What’s wrong? / what do you think you are doing? / what happened? / what for?
3 字篇
37. 不会吧? That won’t happen, will it?
e.g. A: He will win the game. That won’t happen, will it?
不会吧? No, she’s not like that, is she?
e.g. A: Are you sure she stole the jewels? No, she’s not like that, is she?
不会吧? No, it won’t, will it?
e.g. A: He may not have much longer to live.
B: No, he won’t die, will he?
不会吧? No way! (or Be smart!, 较礼貌一点)
37. 起内哄。 Fighting one’s own. / In-fighting.
e.g. A: That company wasted too much time fighting its own.
A: I won’t tolerate this in-fighting!
38. 狗屎运! Lucky bastard!
e.g. A: He won the lottery! Lucky bastard!
39. 没风度。 Crass
e.g. A: He’s so crass. There’s no way I would date him.
40. 你说呢? So what? e.g. A: You are such a bad person. Who’s gonna like you?
B: So what?
你说呢! You tell me! e.g. A: What are we going to do? B: You tell me!
注:说“So what”时,若语气冷淡,则表示不在乎;若语气带挑衅,则表示不要人干涉,有“你管我 ”“那又怎样”的意思。
41. 别傻了! Wise up! E.g. A: Please, you believe that? Wise up!
Don’t be silly! E.g. A: I think we can get everyone to give us money. B: Don’t be silly.
注:当女孩子说“Don’t be silly”时,大多是在打情骂俏。
42.别闹了! Keep it down! E.g. A: You kids are too loud! Keep it down!
注:Keep it down是不要闹了,但keep it up意思完全不同,是用来勉励对方继续努力下去。如果keep it up!用威吓的语气说就变成:若继续下去后果就不堪设想
42. 不许碰! Don’t touch it! / Hands off!
43. 胆小鬼! Coward! E.g. A: He dare not do it! What a coward!
44. 考虑中! Sitting on the fence。
e.g. A: I haven’t decided what to do. I’m sitting on the fence.
注: 表示此人的决定仍摇摆不定,随时会受人影响。
45. 认输吧! Give in! e.g. A: Give in! You won’t have a chance.
注: 也可用“give it up!”,意即“不要再试了,你只是在浪费时间”。
46. 抢劫啊! Rip off! E.g. A: That shirt cost me $3,000! What a rip-off!
注: rip当名词也可当动词,所以可说:He really ripped me off.” 。
47. 别催我! Don’t rush me. E.g. A: I’m on it! Don’t rush me. 别催我!我正在做呢!
48. 再联络! Keep in touch。
49. 干得好! Good job. / Well done!
50. 真划算。 What a great deal! E.g. I got two bikes for the price of one. What a great deal!
注:这里的deal是指买卖交易。在其他情况中“What’s the deal?”, “What’s
going on?”, “Why are you doing this?” 都是在询问“怎么了?”。
51. 看好喔! Watch me!
52. 死定了! I’m dead! E.g. A: I lost my computer. I’m dead. What am I going to do?
I’m dead meat. E.g. A: I failed the exam! I’m dead meat!
注:以上两句都是十分夸张的句子,表示真的不知如何是好,另外,常见的句子有“You’ll be the death of me.”意思是指你和你惹的麻烦会毁了我。
53. 羡慕吧! Eat your heart out!
e.g. A: Look out all these girls all over me! Eat your heart out! You’re never gonna find a girl who will like you.
54. 无所谓。 Whatever。 E.g. A: You can do what you want. Whatever.
注:这是年轻人很常用的俚语,除了无所谓外,还有以下的意思:① I don’t care! (我才不在乎) ② etc., etc, (等等,诸如此类的) ③ No! ④ That’s not the way it is, but I don’t give a damn. (才不是那样的,不过我才不理它。)在不同上下文作不同解释。
55. 别装蒜! Don’t play innocent. / Don’t play dumb!
56. 去你的! Fuck you! (这句话十分粗俗,用生气或厌恶的语气说,有“滚你妈的蛋”之意。
57. 分摊吧! Let’s go Dutch.
58. 你做梦! You’re dreaming. E.g. A: That will never happen. You’re dreaming.
注:“Dream on!”意思也是一样,另外多了点玩笑的态度。
59. 你真笨! You’re so lame!
e.g. A: You’re so lame. Even a kid can make it. Try again.
注:Lame 原来的意思是跛脚、不适当的意思。在这里指人不够酷、无能。
60. 并不想。 Don’t feel like it.
e.g. A: Come out with us tonight. It’ll cheer you up.
B: I don’t feel like it.
61. 好可惜。 What a shame (pity).
62. 随便你。 (It’s )Up to you.
63. 安分点! Behave! E.g. A: Stop making so much noise! Behave.
注: 年轻人用这句话的时候,多是在闹着玩的情况下,要对方“安分点”;男女朋友在打情骂俏时也会叫对方“安分”一点。
64. 再说啦! We’ll talk about it later.
65. 分手吧! Let’s break up.
66. 你看吧! I told you so! E.g. A: I told you so! It won’t work.
See! E.g. A: Like I said, it’s not as hard as you thought it’d be. See!
67. 不要脸! Shameless! E.g. A: I can’t believe she’s wearing that! Shameless!
注:本句除了用shameless外,也可用“She has no shame. ”。
68. 别管他! Don’t worry about it.
69. E.g. A: I don’t want to look bad.
B: Don’t worry about it. No one will notice. Don’t pay attention to it.
E.g. A: That guy over there is staring at me.
B: Don’t play attention to it.
What the heck!
E.g. A: Is it alright if I ask Dane to come over?
B: What the heck!
注: what the heck 与what the ****! 两个意思一样。
69.怎么说? How do I say this? E.g. A: It’s so hard to explain. How do I say this?
What do you mean? E.g. A: I’m feeling sorry for him.B: What do you mean?
70.胡扯的! That’s rubbish! E.g. A: It’s no like that at all. That’s rubbish.
71. 蛮配的。 Suits you well. E.g. That color looks really good on you. It suits you well.
72. 很恶心! Blood and gore.
E.g. A: I don’t like scary and violent movies. There’s too much blood and gore.
That’s so gross! E.g. Will you stop making those gestures? That’s so gross!
注:“Blood and gore”多半是指电影而言,而“gross”在一般的情况下都可使用。
73.懂了吗? Get it? E.g. A: We broke up two months ago! Stop calling me.
Do you get it?
(Do you) know what I mean? / know what I’m saying?
E.g. A: That’s the way it is. ( Do you ) know What I mean?
You know? E.g. A: I really hate this. You know?
74. 别装了! Stop pretending. E.g. A: I know you hate it. Stop pretending.
注: Pretending可用playing 代替。
75.神经病。 Crazy! E.g. A: You can’t do that! Crazy!
注:这字暗示某人精神失常,行为反常;年轻人的俚语常以“mentally challenged”代替crazy。
76.免了吧! No need! E.g. A: I want to make sure that I get it straight.
B: There’s no need. Forget it.
注: “no need”可自成一句,也可在句中使用。如:There was no need to call the president.
77.又来了! Again. E.g. A: Here it come again. I don’t want to
deal with it.
That’s typical. E.g. A: He’s not taking responsibility for this mistake.
B: That’s typical.
78. 不骗你! Not joking。 E.g. A: Believe me. I’m not joking.
79.我请客。My treat。 E.g. A: please, it’s your birthday. My treat!
注: Treat也作动词用,如:I’ll treat you tonight. (今晚我请客。)
80.不赖嘛! Not bad。
81.去死啦! Go to hell! E.g. A: you’re such a bully. Go to hell.
注:生气时在口语上诅咒别人去死前面有时会加上“you can”。
82.冷静点! Calm down! E.g. A: Don’t get so excited. Calm down.
Keep your pants/shirt on! E.g. A: What’s the hurry? Keep your pants/shirt on!
83.我保证。 I guarantee. E.g. A: You’ll be fine. I guarantee.
84. 我发誓! I swear! E.g. A: It will never happen again. I swear!
注:swear还有下列用法:① I swear by my bike that I can get anywhere in town in 15minutes. (swear by…, 对着…发誓,表示很有信心)。② The chief of justice swore in the president. (司法院长监督总统宣誓就职)。 ③ I’m going to swear ff candy for the next month. (下个月我要戒吃糖果)。
85.来单挑! Let’s fight one-on-one!
e.g. A: let’s go, you and me, let’s fight one-on-one.
B: All right, leave the others alone. It’s between you and me.
86. 正经点! Have some decency! E.g. A: Stop playing with the cake. Have some decency!
Seriously… E.g. A: Ok, stop joking around. Seriously…
注:说这两句话的情况不同,“have some decency”通常是在对方有了一些恶作剧的行为之后,用来提醒他举止庄重一点。“Seriously…”则多用来转变话题,跟中文的“说真格的……”类似,说完这句话,说者就把话题转为严肃的内容。
87.干脆点! Make up your mind!
E.g. A: Geez, we’ve been over this a thousand times. Make up your mind!
88.打扰了! Excuse me for bothering you.
89.清醒点! Sober up! E.g. A: Your parents are coming. Sober up.
Wake up! (Wake up and smell the coffee!)
e.g. A: Wake up! You look like you had a long night. 清醒点,你看起来像是整夜没睡。
注:酒醉或吃药后,多会用“Sober up”。“Wake up!”或“Wake up and smell the
90.别理他! Don’t mind him. E.g. A: Don’t mind him. He’s just playing.
Forget him. E.g. A: He saw me steal the diamond!
B: Forget him. I’ll take care of him.
注:forget him是“别理他!”,而“别理我!”是leave me alone。
91.有眼光! Good taste. E.g. A: That looks really good. You’ve got good taste.
92.谁说的? Who said that? E.g. A: It’s not like that at all. Who said that?
Says who? E.g. A: They cancelled our show.
B: Says who?
93.很难说。 Hard to say. 表示不清楚、不确定而难下定论。
94.老实说。 To tell you the truth (that…)/ Honestly…
95.你撒谎! You lie!
96.真恶心! So disgusting!
97.真碍眼! Rubs me the wrong way.
e.g. A: I can’t put my finger on it, but he really rubs me the wrong way.
98.别想溜! Don’t run away!
注:run away也可指闪避问题,如:“Don’t run away from your problems. ” 是要对方面对,并解决问题。
99.不客气。 You’re welcome. / No problem. / No bother./ Don’t worry
about it/ Don’t mention it.
100. 不上道。 Don’t know how to play the game.
E.g. A: Everyone accepted the bribe except him. He doesn’t know how to play the game.
注:这是现代的俚语。有一句Playing the field,它的意思就大不一样了,是表示同时跟很多不同的人约会。 



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